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With your vision & our experience - you can be confident‍‍‍ that we'll deliver an outstanding product...

The first step is the process of discussing the intended design, and locations on the vessel in which the names are to be placed. From this initial consultation and with the use of photographs of your vessel, we can offer a custom visual rendition of your proposed design. We will present a variety of type faces, custom designed for the area in which they are superimposed onto the vessel for review. Design proofs will emulate one of our products effect as close to reality as possible – whether this be three dimensional Stainless steel or our Elite Backlit LED, be prepared to be suitably impressed. Our design concepts can be adjusted based on your thoughts and comments for final sign off before production commences.



From concept to completion the production process usually takes 2-3 weeks ‍‍‍from the file creation for laser cutting, through to the hand polishing of Stainless steel lettering. For our Elite Series product, consisting of a 10mm CNC cut Opal acrylic backing letter with laser cut mirror polished 316 Stainless steel corresponding top face letter. These letter fronts are bonded in place to encapsulate our LED lighting with a superior marine sealant to ensure optimum longevity. All our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials including polished Stainless steel, and acrylic with integral LED’s.

Superior accuracy...
‍‍‍Laser ‍‍‍& CNC routing technology at it's finest...


Once your new name is completed, we will arrange the installation.

This is based on the initial concept design, which is used for the location previously approved. Our Signature range has an adhesive pattern, which acts as a template, leaving the 1.5mm keyline visible. With the use of premium VHB tape, there is no need for drilling through the boat whatsoever.  If in the future, we are required to remove the lettering, this template protects the hull or superstructure from damage.

For our Elite LED product, a similar pattern is used, with the exception of a small cable hole drilled, one per letter. These cables are housed inside the vessel, through to the power supply and dimmer, connected to the circuit complimenting your courtesy, and underwater lighting.

The finest attention
to detail
ensures a superior product, through & through.